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multi-style yoga
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I am a spiritual, adventurous Yogini and love to write blogs about Yoga to help people and to spread the knowledge of Yoga and inspire you to change the world.
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Spiritual life
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Mein spiritueller Weg / Gemeinschaft / Lehrer
Nath sampradaya, Shiva
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Herausfinden was Wahrheit ist, Selbst realisation, Gott finden, Glücklich und Gesund sein
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Ashram, spirituelle Gemeinschaft, Beziehung, Kooperations-Partner, Link-Partner
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Top 10 yoga poses to treat asthma

Breathing in fresh air is almost a myth these days. Amidst so much pollution, it's a challenge to breathe fresh air and this has lead to several physical disorders and breathing problems, over the years. Such a threatening health problem is asthma, which causes breathing problems.…


Gepostet am 15. April 2019 um 12:30pm

5 Yoga Poses to keep Diabetes under control

Diabetes is becoming a common disease and it is undergoing sufficient research to treat this ailment. However, one of the best ways to control sugar…


Gepostet am 8. April 2019 um 1:30pm — 2 Kommentare


Yoga has many tools to improve memory and concentration. A regular and dedicates Yoga practice drastically benefits the mind and the body. Yoga can be defined as “Science” that harnesses the innate capability of the mind and its functioning. Since it helps in reducing stress, it improves the concentration and focus.

As per the…


Gepostet am 3. September 2018 um 3:11pm

Bringing positivity in life with Yoga.

It might sound a little surprising, but the truth is Positivity and Optimism is a natural state of a human being.

Yes, many of us do feel down and sad at times, but that is because of the external factors that are outside of our control. If we eliminate these external situations and factors, our default state is to go inside and stay there with peace, love and in harmony.…


Gepostet am 24. August 2018 um 6:45pm


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