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Um 9:44pm am 10. Dez 2011 sagte Bettina Rix...

Hello Ashok

nice to meet you.You are from india ? How is it?

Iam from Hamburg and i finished my Yogateacher last year and now Iam trying to get in to teach some people hear in Hamburg.And you ? Best regards Bettina

Um 11:31am am 7. Dez 2011 sagte Lea...
Hello.thank you for your you are from india right? Im very exciting to Travel to would be very nice to keep in touch with you...
All Love and namaste
Um 2:43pm am 21. November 2011 sagte Sandra...

~♥~  welcome

Um 11:42am am 19. Oktober 2011 sagte Nora Diana...

a friendly and lightful "helloooo" to india :-))

how are you..?

Um 4:27pm am 14. Dez 2010 sagte Max Zimmermann...

I thank you very much for visiting my site. May peace and wellbeing be with you. Yours Max

Um 11:40am am 22. Juli 2010 sagte Martina Strauss...
Thanks for your nice greetings and friendship. Have a wonderful day

best regards and namasté Martina
Um 11:36am am 18. April 2010 sagte Dr. Birte Nachtwey...
sure - I wish you all that you need for doing good work helping the people.


Um 10:11am am 18. April 2010 sagte veroniKA...
fine - we can be friends
i am just the mother of a yoga teaching daughter who lived a few years in your country...
going to her classes - blessings
Um 11:03pm am 16. Januar 2010 sagte Amrit Sadhana Kaur...
Good evening, I'm very sorry I have not written yesterday with you.
I was tired and just today I read your messages.
My englich is not so good because I never learned English properly.
I speak German, Italian and Croatian.
It's nice to have a friend from India.
I love India and will even go to India.
All good for you and see you soon.

Love and Light
Amrit Sadhana Kaur
Um 1:42am am 1. Januar 2010 sagte Andrea...
Dear Ashok,
oh yes, we can be friends. And I am very happy for your friendship. I am also a pranic healer and I learned a lot from G-Master Choa C. Sui. Happy New Year 2010!
Light and Love and always peace!
Om Shanti and Namasté,
Um 10:53am am 25. Dez 2009 sagte Babs...
Thank you very much for your friendship. I wish you good times with healing and living.
Um 6:04pm am 27. August 2009 sagte Claudia Eva Reinig...
dear Ashok, you are right, I am really busy. I am travelling around like a flying yogini... thank you very much for your greetings. Probably I am in Rishikesh in march 2010. Are you there this time?

shanti OM claudia
Um 9:49am am 19. August 2009 sagte Apsara...
« Jump into the dangerous current oft the
river, into civilization. Do not run away
or hide in the mountains. Withdraw,
but know how to return to others. »
Master Taisen Deshimaro

I would like to know you.
Greetings from Cambodia
Um 7:21pm am 11. August 2009 sagte Yogānandin Vivekadeva...
ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ

唵嘛呢叭咪吽 Ǎn Má Ní Bā Mī Hōng
Um 1:22pm am 8. Juni 2009 sagte BeateK...
Dear Ashok,
thank you very much for vititing my side.
Sending you love en friendship.

greetings from the Neatherlands
Um 9:53pm am 2. Juni 2009 sagte Jutta Gita...
Namaste brother.
thank you for asking for friendship
JUtta Gita
Um 8:23pm am 6. Mai 2009 sagte Claudia Eva Reinig...
Dear Ashok,
thank you very much for your email. Your work as a healer and prana scientist sounds really interesting. Is Raipur close to Vizhakapatnam? Sri Sat Chid Ananada Yogi from Madras had his birthplace there. Once I have been in Vizhakapatnam. Where do you organice the camps?

blissful regards
Um 10:34am am 15. April 2009 sagte Kaivalya Sabine, devi mata...
Dear Ashok,
thank you for inviting me. I wish you all the love that is.
Um 12:57pm am 14. April 2009 sagte Savitri...
Dear Ashok,
thanks for your answer and your open heart.
I don`t know when, but I would like to meet you to learn from you
of your work.
I have questions, but it feels as if I should ask them face to face.
So until then I send light to you and universal love.
It feels like you do the same to me.
Um 9:11pm am 13. April 2009 sagte Savitri...
"Love and light!"
Dear Ashok, this is my way in life.
Thank you for inviting me to be a friend of you. I looked at your profile and
it is very interesting. My own profile has not very much information, so what was the reason to ask for my friendship?
i don`t know you, but may be we can become friends.

My english is not so good, but I would like to be in contact with you.
If you like, write again...

Love and light for you

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