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My dear brothers and sisters. I myself Hanish Yogi a Yoga  teacher cum Therapist. I’m fortunate to give my services to My yoga teachings will fill bliss in your life and make you self -healer.

I have been teaching yoga since 4 years and got amazing and miraculous results. One of my MS friends from Germany, before yoga he was on wheel chair, totally pessimistic and depressed regarding his position after MS. But a miracle happened. Fortunately he chose Yoga to heal and treat himself and started to learn Yoga Therapy by me. After Yoga he was able to walk.

Yoga is an art of achieving healthy, wealthy and blissful life. It makes us capable to heal ourselves. As soon as we start to merge and enjoy the yoga, the process of self-healing starts   within us. It treats us at physical level as well as at mental, social and spiritual level. It provides us the real health as World Health Organisation (WHO) stated. According to the WHO the state of health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.

Yoga is a well-developed and systematic conscious process to speed up or accelerate the growth of a human being from his animal level. It finally leads to an ultimate truth or goal, the pure consciousness. That state is the state of freedom which is full of bliss and knowledge and it is beyond the intellect. Finally it leads to Moksha or liberation.

The root cause of all diseases is mental illness. Let us disclose this fact.

According to Taittireya Upaniṣad (one of the Indian scripture), the existence of human being is composed of five layers collectively called as “Panca Koṣa” The five layers or “Panca Koṣa”  are Manomaya Koṣathe mental level, Annamaya Koṣa the physical level, Prāṇamaya Koṣa the Pranic level (vital force full body), Vijnānamaya Koṣa the intellect level and Ānandamaya Koṣa the bliss level.

In Ānandamaya Koṣa, there is a blissful state, the climax of happiness. We are healthiest with a proper tuning among all of our aspects. There is consistency of happiness and positive attitude and we are in trance. No complaints with life. There is a tranquillity in mind and as well as in body. We are enjoying infinite love. In Vijnānamaya Koa there are movements

because of ignorance but it is directed in the right direction by achieving the true knowledge. In Manomaya Koṣa, there are a imbalances of emotions, confusions and delusions say the yoga texts. Desires play big role to disturb this level. Feeling of likes and dislikes are sometimes so strong as they try to govern the mind and compel   it to behave against the truth and direct it in wrong direction. Liking of sweet in a diabetic condition, one day definitely make him to have it against the doctor’s advice.Thus going against right causes imbalance and this disorder progresses further and causes psychic disorder or mental illness called Ādhi (seed of disease) or the primary disease.At this Stage there are no symptoms at the physical level. This adhi (psychic disorder or mental illness) exists by the support of perpetual growth of desires,this mental illness (Ādhi) concealed in us starts to exist or manifest externally and gradually percolates in the physical body or Annamaya Koṣa and disturbs it’s system, causes disease called Vyādhi (physical illness) the secondary disease.

There are two types of Ādhis –-‘Samänya’ (ordinary) and sära (essential). -‘Samänya’ is psychosomatic ailments. When mind get disturbed or emotional imbalance during the interaction with the world, the physical body also get affected and disturbed. The life forces also get agitated or imbalanced by this disturbance. They flow haphazardly along the Nādis (the energy channels).The Pranic flow in wrong paths without rhythm and harmony. So there is unsteadiness in Nādis.  As a result, Nadis are depleted of energy and blocked.

Due to these disturbances in Nādis and Prana the metabolic disorders occur, the food does not get properly digested. These are Kujīrnatvam (wrong digestion), Atijīrnatvam (indigestion) and Ajīrnatvam  (over digestion).This improperly digested food then turns into poison. This gives rise to various physical illness or ailments of the psychosomatic type. The method of treating this type of ailments is concealed in the process of generation of psychosomatic ailments. When are dealt with suitable techniques like yoga therapy and favourable atmosphere, Ādhis of the ordinary type will vanish.

The second type of Ādhi is Sara (essential).It is congenital (since birth) and result of our deeds or actions done in previous birth. It is responsible for rebirth. It can be vanished by the attainment of self-realization and by learning the art of to be in Vijnānamaya Koṣa (knowledge level) and Ānandamaya Koṣa (blissful state).In that state, man can get rid of the cycles of birth and death. Self- realization can heal all physical and psychic disorders. Physical ailments which are not psychosomatic may be dealt with by medication and by right actions. 

Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. Breathing practices like pranayama and asanas with breathing leads to the calmness of mind and body and provides an excellent harmony among mind, body and soul. Pranayama slow down the breath and calm the mind. As a result stress level goes down.

We all are ourselves our doctor. The only thing is we have to stimulate and activate instinct power within us for self-healing through Yoga.

Let us always remember that Yoga should be learnt from a good Yoga Therapist who is familiar with MS and its symptoms. If it happens then you will be able to obtain faster results.

I promise to all of my friends that Yoga will definitely convert your normal life into blissful life and you would have new birth. You would be bloomed like a beautiful rose and a splendid personality would exist. So think about Yogic life and make it real. My best wishes will be always with you.

Get free half an hour Yoga consultation by sending invitation on hanishsankhla2 (skype ID) to know how yoga can fill bliss in life.

Hari Om Tat Sat.


HANISH YOGI, Yoga Therapist (























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