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Universal Wisdom Reading Sessions and more

Hello and Namasté!

Are you focusing more on problems or initiating conscious solutions?

For us, we are definitely focusing on solutions!
Stefan Berns is coming back to Sasbachwalden for more Universal Wisdom sharing and readings!

In his Universal Wisdom Seminar, Part 1 and 2, you can become a qualified healer.

Universal Wisdom: Reading – Seminar (Part 1)
22.03. – 23.03.

An in-depth, quality seminar for healers and those who would like to become one. You will learn how to tap into the Akashic Records, read  and transmit relevant information. Experiencing how your inner potential unfolds and how you can help people with systemic constellations.


Universal Wisdom: Healing – Seminar (Part 2)
24.03. – 25.03.

This exciting seminar builds on the “Universal Wisdom Reading Seminar Part 1”. You will learn to awaken your self-healing powers, receive effective remedies from parallel universes, purify the aura, open the third eye, resolve situations and relationships, restore the subtle primordial matrix, heal over long distances, recognize and release curses and transmit harmonious healing fields without touch.

More informations

In March, you can still book an appointment with Stefan Berns for his very popular Reincarnation and Regression sessions.

Universal Wisdom Reading Session

It doesn’t matter in which area of your life that you’re searching for support and information, during a Universal Reading Session, we’ll find the answers to nearly every question!

Find out:

  • Any information about you and your life (past, present and future).
  • Advice for marriage and partnership.
  • Causes of illness, failure, lack of money and mood disorders.
  • Ways to contact spirit guides.
  •  Information about your life mission and vocation.
  • Contact with animals, plants and any objects.
  • Information about companies.
  • Causes of anxiety (illness, loss, fear of flying, existential anxiety, etc.).
  • Causes of, and ways to eliminate, energetic blockages.
  • Detecting energetic formations.
  • End of life care during the dying process.

Reincarnation and Regression Sessions

During a regression and reincarnation session, it quickly becomes clear that everything in life has a meaning, nothing happens by chance. Going through a regression in this life or back to previous lives, will lead you to the root of your problem or illness, where it all began. Healing and transformation begins as you have a better understanding of the karmic connections. This enables clarity and gives a new view of your present life.

All informations

phone: +49 7841-8392411

You can now find us and follow us on Instagram and Youtube!

PS: If you’re feeling spontaneous and want to come with us, it’s still possible! From the 7th to 18th February, we’re going on a very, very intensive and special journey to Tiruvannamalai for Shivaratri!!!
Find out more information here.

See you soon and wishing you so much light!

Bharati, Martin
and the Spiritbalance Team



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