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Top 10 yoga poses to treat asthma

Breathing in fresh air is almost a myth these days. Amidst so much pollution, it's a challenge to breathe fresh air and this has lead to several physical disorders and breathing problems, over the years. Such a threatening health problem is asthma, which causes breathing problems. Asthma may further reach out to many diseases too. So, before anything such happens, you must start treating them. No wonder that with the help of science and pharmacy, we have access to several medications for asthma, including inhalers. However, to treat asthma faster, yogas can also be performed along with medicines. There are certain yoga poses for beginners, which helps you to learn several yoga techniques, for leaving asthma behind. Most of us have the myth that asthma can never be cured, that's absolutely wrong. With the Best Yoga Poses for beginners, asthma can be treated. In this content, we are going to tell you about the top 10 yoga poses to treat asthma.

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Follow these top 10 Basic Yoga for beginners to treat asthma absolutely:

  • Nadi Shodhan pranayama

This yoga is an Alternate Nostril Breathing technique. This is done at the start of a yoga session to make your stressed body and mind. This yoga is concerned with the purification of the channel, which is practiced in an empty stomach in the morning. Firstly,  exhalation and inhalation of air take through each nostril alternately. The alternate method is used by keeping right or left nostril closed at a time with the help of thumb and index finger. This has added benefits too like increases oxygen in the body, some nostril infections and relieves toxins.

  • Kapal Bhati pranayama

This yoga works on the Skull Shining Breathing technique. Firstly start to slowly inhale with both the nostrils and then exhale fast. Then start with the right hand and then shift to the left. This yoga should be done in a sitting position and repeated 20 times. They have many health benefits too like generating heat in the body, strengthens the lungs, cures asthma and sinus.

  • Ardha Matsyendrasana

This technique includes Sitting Half Spinal Twist, which should be practiced in the morning in an empty stomach or after at least  6 hours of eating. The name of the yoga ‘Ardha Matsyendrasana’ comes from yogi Matsyendranath. To perform this yoga, stretch the legs, then bend the left leg. Then wrist, the neck shoulder and waist in the right side with the spine kept erect. These steps should be repeated a number of times. This improves the supply of oxygen to the body which reduces the effects of asthma.

  • Pavanamuktasana

This yoga is done in Wind-Relieving pose. This is one of the best yoga for asthma patients. This should be performed in an empty stomach, which is at least 6 hours before or after the meal. First, you have to lay on your back, then inhale air slowly by starting to lift the legs with bending of the knees. Then touch the knees with the tip of your nose, hold the pose for 30 seconds and repeat on both sides. This should be repeated 10 times regularly. On gradual practicing, this cures asthma patients very well.

  • Setu Bandhasana

Setu Bandhasana is also known as Bridge Pose. The yoga resembles that of a bridge. This works best if done in the morning with an empty stomach. For performing this yoga, start with lying the back flat on the floor, then bend the knees keeping knees and ankles in a straight line. Inhale the air followed by uplifting your back from the floor. Start rolling your shoulders so that your chin touches your chest. Then your shoulders, feet, and arms carry your weight. This yoga is great for strengthening the breathing problems and asthma too.

  • Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana, popularly known as cobra pose yoga, the name comes from the raised hood of the cobra. This one of the poses of the 12 poses of Suryanamaskar. The best time to do this cobra pose yoga is in the morning with an empty stomach. For performing this yoga, lay flat with your stomach with toes touching each other. Then stretch the body keeping the body weight in the arms. Try to hold this yoga position for 20-30 seconds, then release to resting the head on the ground. This stretched yoga pose is great to cure asthma problems and relives many body pains too.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana

This is popularly known as Downward-Facing Dog Pose. This is a forward bend pose which gives great relief to asthma patients. This yoga is best effective if performed in an empty stomach. It's better to perform this yoga in a yoga mat, as it is not that slippery to occur any accident by falling down. This yoga is concerned with inhalation and exhalation which helps to strengthen the breathing. Start the yoga by standing on four limbs forming a table pose. Start exhaling, then slowly lift the hip. Then put your hands into the ground such that the ears touch inner arms. Try to hold this position for 10-20  seconds, and then return to the table pose.

  • Badhakonasana

This pose looks like Butterfly pose, also known as cobbler pose. This is a simple yoga with many benefits if performed in the morning with an empty stomach. To perform this yoga, sit on the mat then join the soles of the feet. Then hold the feet with hands for support. Then bring the heels of feet together and flap both legs. The speed of the flapping can be increased with time. Do this yoga for 10 mins, this will help to cure asthma therapeutically.

  • Poorvottanasana

This is Upward Plank Pose. This helps improves the breathing problems, asthma and relieves pain in back and spine. To do this yoga, lie flat on your back. Then inhaling the air, support the weight of your body on the palm and lift the body. Try to hold this for 15 seconds then exhale the air.  Repeat this step 5 times to get the desired result.

  • Shavasana

This yoga looks like Corpse Pose. This is the last step of yoga practice. Here you have to lie down for a few minutes which will help to relieve your stress and pressure. This automatically relaxed the body to cure asthma.

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