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Importance of Yoga Teacher training & Ayurveda Food

Professional yoga teachers who have an in depth knowledge about their subject actually trains the teachers so that they learn from the best. The entire atmosphere at the teaching camp is serene and calm ensuring that the students grasp the most out of the situation.

There are various tenures for which one can avail diversified Yoga teacher training course depending on the subject they are mastering, the level they are in and the time they have at hand.

The usual Yoga Teacher training courses are as follows

-              100 hours yoga teachers training

-              200 hours yoga teachers training

-              Two Week Yoga Retreat

-              One Week Yoga Retreat

-            Osho Meditation Training

-              Certified yoga teacher training course

It is time that we realize that in order to stay healthy, not only do we need to exercise but also eat healthy. This brings us to the importance of keep body healthy. Now, this is a chapter that is often neglected by most. However, it is important to understand that we will only look or feel as per what we feed our body.  The team behind Mimamsa Yogshala understands the importance of eating as per the Ayurvedic Principles. The principles outline that one should only eat as per the Dosha of their body. Each individual has a different Dosha or a combination of Dosha and depending on that their diet should be based for optimum benefit.

The team at Mimamsa Yogshala in Rishikesh offers various teacher training programs that teaches one about these Ayurveda principles and how to incorporate same in our daily diet. The abled team aids in

-              Making one learn about the basics of Ayurveda

-              Learn more about the spices and herbs

-              Learn about how to help people stabilize their health

-              How to heal people with a proper diet

-              Address ailments in patients with yoga asanas

-              How to Take care of digestive disorder by performing yoga asanas

-              How to extract the maximum amount of nutrients

-              Learn about the various healthy cooking techniques.

-              Know more about identifying the various Dosha’s

-              How to guide people to better diet




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