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Bringing positivity in life with Yoga.

It might sound a little surprising, but the truth is Positivity and Optimism is a natural state of a human being.

Yes, many of us do feel down and sad at times, but that is because of the external factors that are outside of our control. If we eliminate these external situations and factors, our default state is to go inside and stay there with peace, love and in harmony.

By making practising Yoga a part of your day to day activity after learning at  200-hour YTTC program, you can bring joy and positivity in your life too.

But how does it work? As mentioned earlier, external factors affect our mental state. Practising yoga doesn’t eliminate those external factors.

Then how yoga can bring positivity back into our lives?

The first thing to understand about yoga is that it is not just a group of exercises. Yoga is a lifestyle that comprises relaxation, positive thinking, truthfulness, proper diet and healthy mind and body. All of this can be learned during 200-hour yoga teacher training in India

The interesting thing is that all of these elements are also considered important for positivity.

Take relaxation for example. When you practice yoga, you learn to breathe properly and naturally. Breathing is directly connected to the mind. So when you breathe naturally your mind also comes in its natural state which is of joy and happiness.

Let’s see the next element of Yoga that is positive thinking. While practising Yoga, keeping your thoughts pure and positive is a very important aspect of the whole exercise. When you practice yoga for a substantial length of time, and you do it regularly, you are also holding onto those positive and uplifting thoughts. This practice of positive thinking then becomes a habit and permeates our lives too. Naturally, we start to become more positive and develop an uplifting outlook towards life.

Truthfulness is one of the key precepts that every yogi have to follow. More your action, speech and thoughts go towards truth, more you start to become relax. This relaxation then converts into a positive thinking pattern, as you have no malice towards anyone. There is no lie to protect, and you can instead focus on sharing goodwill.

Diet is one of the most critical components of Yoga. It is said that you are what you eat. When you are practising yoga, it is advisable to take food that doesn’t create any digestive problems or put any strain on your digestive system. Since this food is easy to take and digest, you feel good from inside and outside. Your mind starts becoming pure, and you develop a positive feeling all over your body. That’s right; you will feel positive sensations in the form of happiness and love.

With the regular practice of yoga, you get physical benefits too. Your muscle tone is improved, your immune system gets better, your digestion gets perfect, your oxygen intake is improved, your lungs start to operate efficiently, your body is aligned, and balance is also improved.

Overall your energy level is high, while mentally you are relaxed. With all these benefits your mental outlook also starts to change in a good way and become more positive and constructive.

Yes, practising yoga brings joy, happiness, and positiveness in your life. But it is important that you learn and practice yoga under the able guidance of experienced yoga masters. The best way to start practising yoga is by joining the
best YTTC courses in India. By completing 200-hour yoga certified course in India you can also earn a Yoga Alliance certification.



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