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Dear Père,

hm what is love? I think there is no true love without compassion. Compassion means to understand someone deeply. The other way round: if you understand someone really, if you have compassion, you love him automatically. Just think of a mother and her child....Just to postulate is not love. The wish to possess someone is not love.

Compassion is a need of everybody. If someone feels that you sympathise him, he will feel comforted and even kind of attracted.

Without compassion from your side, people have to fight against you. For their own interests. Even if you want only the best for someone ---- if you don't understand him, you are likely to hurt him without knowing. In return, having compassion with anybody will efface all timidity on both sides, also on yours. There is no reason to fear anyone if you understand.

It is often said that love is the most powerful energy. I think it's because love is truth.

Love abolishes the wall of separateness, and that is just true. Look into your hand. You can see your mother, your father, the things which you have eaten, the air you are breathing...other example: next time before you eat a piece of bread, try and see the sunlight which was there to let the grains grow...the men who sowed them....their parents....the rain, the worms in the earth -- it's endless. You can think in infinite dimensions...I promise you, you are going to feel that this piece of bread is the most incredible miracle you have ever seen. IT CONTAINS THE WHOLE WORLD. :-) We are not separated. And it's just wise to act accordingly to truth, isn't it?

I would even go so far to say: whenever we are doing rubbish, it's because we divide the world in "me" and the rest ;-)

Therefore: Compassion *g*





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