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Hertzklang - Nada Yoga/Sound Meditation/Sound Healing

Hertzklang is a nada yoga, sound meditation and sound healing project, focusing on sound & frequency research, and their effects on our emotional states.
To create a natural and a harmonious symbiosis between sound, vibration, body, and mind, various exercises and movements from the fields of Thai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and Butoh dance are brought together with Binaural beats, Isochronic tones, spherical ambient layers, natural frequencies, planetary tones, electronic noises, and field recordings from nature, temples, festivals, and instruments from around the world.

Shyam is a nada yogi, musician, producer, and sound designer. He has lived for many years in India and Nepal where he studied classical Indian music, throat singing, overtone singing, Sanskrit and Tibetan mantras. He is also into sound & frequency research and their effects on our emotional states.

Tzeshi Lei is a performer/musician from Taiwan. She has developed her movement and performance methodology based on researches on Asian philosophy of the body/consciousness and the somatics of traditional Chinese medicine. In the Nada Yoga/ Sound Meditation workshop, she will offer practices inspired by Tai Chi, internal martial arts, Qi-cultivation and Butoh dance.

Henri Falk is a Swedish producer and DJ who explores mainly in the musical territories of ambient, noise and techno. To him, electronic music is as much a powerful medium for meditation and healing, as it is an abstract art form. His production style has shifted from track making to intense experimentation with textures and frequencies, building long and slow hypnotic soundscapes.

We hold regular classes in Berlin. Studio owners/festival planners etc. can also book us for their events.

For booking and inquiries, mail to:

more infos:


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