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About Me
I ma Distant Healer , Energy Scanner and a Kundalini Yogi from India

I m blessed and trained by the highest enlightened Masters of the present times in spiritual and healing sciences.

I perform Pranic Heart Surgery i.e. removing the coronary blockage from the heart without touch, without pain and without medicines , and if required also without presence , on-line, , through net .

I treat EVIL ENERGIES in persons, premises and non-living objects and during my recent tours to Poland I had the opportunity to treat few premises suffering from Evil Energies due to victims of Nazi Gas Chambers.

I m the founder president of Chhattisgarh State Pranic Healing Society and director to few NGO 's having innovative wellness programs, worldwide for general masses through the latest scientific breakthroughs .

I m invited to conduct large-scale healing camps, Pranic Heart Surgery Camps, Depollutionizing Camps etc. I visit europe to conduct my innovative Healing and Spiritual programs, frequently.

Any group of people or organization can organize our camps for general mass and there is no obligation monatary attached to these camps but the expenses incurred is expected to be borned by the participants as we r a non-funded , not for profit organization .

Anybody interested in organizing our camps in their city may contact me. I m more popular by my nick name " Ashok "and mostly available on net through Yahoo Messenger with ID s_k_daharwal for healing or chat with friends.
Interests :
Pranic Healing
Pranic Psychotherapy,
Pranic Crystal Healing.
Pranic Feng Shui.
Pranic Aromatherapy
Kriya Yoga
Spiritual development
Tantric Sex
Heroes & Teachers
HHSwami Sivanandji Maharaj, Rishikesh , Himalayas.
HHSwami Paramhamsa Satyanand , Bihar School Of Yoga, Munger, Bihar.
HH Niranjan Swami Paramhamsa , Bihar Yoga Bharti .
H.H. Barfani Dadaji (over a 225 years old Yogi ) Amarkantak .
Prakash Bhaiyya (the living Jesus), Rajnandgaon .
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing World Foundation , Philippines.
and many others.
Spiritual books.
Auto Biographies of saints and yogis .
Music :
Indian Classical and folk music.
Western instumental .
Dont see.
To become an enlightened healer .
Your Website :
http://s_k_daharwal (Yahoo 360),
Ich suche...
Brieffreunde, Freunde, Date, Ashram, spirituelle Gemeinschaft, Beziehung, Kooperations-Partner

Invitation to organize "Pranic Heart Surgery Camps" in Europe and States.

"Pranic Heart Surgery Camps, Europe"
Dear friends,

"Daharwal Humanitarian Campaigns, Worldwide" invites proposals to organize its "Pranic Heart Surgery Camps" for general masses in their city from people and prestigious social service organizations.

Pranic Heart Surgery is the latest innovative energy tool to remove the blockage in the heart, without touch, without pain, without medicines and without any effort by the patient. People won't be needing any bi-pass surgery or angioplasty after this surgery.

Duration of each camp is 10 days. People are treated in a batch of 5-10. Each patient needs 10 sessions, one per day and each session lasts for 60-75 minutes except the first day where it may be longer.

For camp a room full of fresh air and light and of enough big in size to accommodate 10 person in a row with enough distance is required. If the weather permits it is preferred to be done in a open space.

Camp is open for common men and is donation-based. Practically top 20 donors are taken in the earliest batches. Each participants are expected to donate enough not only to cover the entire expenses but also to promote the campaign as it is a non-funded, not-for-profit, private campaign.

Organizers will have to pay host to 2 people nicely with vegetarian meals. Preference shall be given to those organizers who make arrangement of medical evaluation of the results of this surgery by medical experts or make arrangement for the live telecast of sessions through TV.

"Pranic Heart Surgery" is the latest scientific breakthrough in the field of Energy Healing and going to be performed for the first time in Europe and United States.

We heartily invite people and social service organizations to come forward and join hands with us in this humanitarian endeavour.

We look forward, hopefully. Further information can be had on request.


Sushant Kumar Daharwal
Director Programs.

E-mail :

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Um 9:44pm am 10. Dez 2011 sagte Bettina Rix...

Hello Ashok

nice to meet you.You are from india ? How is it?

Iam from Hamburg and i finished my Yogateacher last year and now Iam trying to get in to teach some people hear in Hamburg.And you ? Best regards Bettina

Um 11:31am am 7. Dez 2011 sagte Lea...
Hello.thank you for your you are from india right? Im very exciting to Travel to would be very nice to keep in touch with you...
All Love and namaste
Um 2:43pm am 21. November 2011 sagte Sandra...

~♥~  welcome

Um 11:42am am 19. Oktober 2011 sagte Nora Diana...

a friendly and lightful "helloooo" to india :-))

how are you..?

Um 4:27pm am 14. Dez 2010 sagte Max Zimmermann...

I thank you very much for visiting my site. May peace and wellbeing be with you. Yours Max

Um 11:40am am 22. Juli 2010 sagte Martina Strauss...
Thanks for your nice greetings and friendship. Have a wonderful day

best regards and namasté Martina
Um 11:36am am 18. April 2010 sagte Dr. Birte Nachtwey...
sure - I wish you all that you need for doing good work helping the people.


Um 10:11am am 18. April 2010 sagte veroniKA...
fine - we can be friends
i am just the mother of a yoga teaching daughter who lived a few years in your country...
going to her classes - blessings
Um 11:03pm am 16. Januar 2010 sagte Amrit Sadhana Kaur...
Good evening, I'm very sorry I have not written yesterday with you.
I was tired and just today I read your messages.
My englich is not so good because I never learned English properly.
I speak German, Italian and Croatian.
It's nice to have a friend from India.
I love India and will even go to India.
All good for you and see you soon.

Love and Light
Amrit Sadhana Kaur
Um 1:42am am 1. Januar 2010 sagte Andrea...
Dear Ashok,
oh yes, we can be friends. And I am very happy for your friendship. I am also a pranic healer and I learned a lot from G-Master Choa C. Sui. Happy New Year 2010!
Light and Love and always peace!
Om Shanti and Namasté,

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