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Real Happiness
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Real Happiness

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Real Happiness is a Vedic Meditation School in Rishikesh, India offers Beginners Meditation Course, 150 Hours Meditation Teacher Training and Advance Meditation Training focused on Vedic Ancient Traditional Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Kundalini Chakras Meditation. Focused on self-help, self-realization, and self-healing, we organize the well-scheduled meditation programs for beginners, for those who want to teach others and for who want self-development.The programs are for self-peace, wellness and our Ashram is far from hectic places in beautiful nature. We organize some spiritual retreats during the course such as Indian Old Temple Visit, Village Tour, Himalayan Trekking Tour and Outdoor Meditation in Nature. For beginners, we offer absolutely effortless techniques such as Vedic Transcendental Meditation for inner peace and wellness with just following the instructions sitting comfortably. Simple Meditation trick which easily settles with mind and makes it peaceful in minutes and best for who has no time to meditate in a busy life.Practicing advanced techniques of the spiritual program, you will get more energy, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce heart-attack & stroke, increase brain creativity and functions, reduce insomnia and say bye to stress. The complete map of living in equanimity in every situation of life will be taught in 300 hours MTTC. Come and join our blissful transformational Meditation Programs in North Indian Himalayas the sacred place which was chosen by great Indian Sages.
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Rishikesh, India
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What's most important is that you experience your life as having meaning and purpose. ... By doing so you get a personal sense of life meaning and purpose, and thus gain a sense of agency and choice by and through understanding your own personal life goals.
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