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kriya yoga
Deine bevorzugten Asanas?
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yoga is not just a thing of fitness it is all above that ,,it is an exercise of mind body and soul,,
i am a founder of namaste india center of yoga and ayurveda,,
whatever you do it comes back
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life itself is an excitement so give love and get love
Ich bin verliebt, Ich lebe in einer spirituellen Gemeinschaft
Mein spiritueller Weg / Gemeinschaft / Lehrer
all the knowledge this world has ever received comes from the infinite library of human mind
Worin liegt für Dich der Sinn des Lebens?
life is all about ups and down ,,enjoy every moments ,give your best efforts and leave rest on god ,,what ever result comes in be satisfied with that,,learning is an unending process one can learn throughout his life,,if one does not respect a women then he can not respect himself ,,women is the greatest gift given to us by god,,,
Ich suche...
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Um 5:53pm am 11. Juni 2011 sagte Spirituell27...

Dear Mithun Namaste,


thank you for the friendship.




Jai Guru



Um 4:01pm am 11. März 2011 sagte Maren Devta Mildner...

thank you Mithun for your friendship request, I feel honoured.

It is beautiful an intense what you write.

To act from our heart and being confident to life, this attitude gives support, especially when we are innerly stressed and yoga helps us to be conscious about what we are doing: Wahe Guru and Sat Nam are my mantras

from darkness to light and my true identity beyond all our programming from childhood and so on.


warm greetings


Um 8:00am am 11. März 2011 sagte Stefan Horch...

Nice to meet an new old friend with ingolfian behaviour.

Um 10:43am am 25. September 2010 sagte Barbara Sonnleitner...
Namaste, dear Mithun.
Thank you for your request. Nice to see you here. I went to your homepage, that is very nice. But - dont know, if you know..?? - some pages do not work, there is an Error Message.
And know - I send you heartfull greetings and best wishes.
Om Om Om

Um 2:56pm am 26. August 2010 sagte Premsharno...
Hari Om...just to share ...nice what you write...enjoy every moment...and and and..................see you Prem Sharno
Um 12:53am am 22. August 2010 sagte Martina Strauss...
Thank you very much too for your request.
With friendship Martina
Um 12:42pm am 20. August 2010 sagte Jochen Bühler...
Hari Om Mithun Dutta,
thank you for your request...
You are most welcome.

Om Shanti
Um 10:31pm am 18. August 2010 sagte Tiara...
Every moment is made glorious
by the light of Love. (Rumi)

Thank you ♥ Mithun Dutta

Um 9:45pm am 17. August 2010 sagte Premsharno...
Namaste Mithun,
Hari Om
..........................feel blessed for the friendship with you Prem Sharno
Um 9:33pm am 17. August 2010 sagte Shantihkra...
laugh & light to you :-)
Have a good time here!
Greetings from Shantihkra

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