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It’s nothing like the vinyasa flows you’re used to, but this guided meditation is good stuff. Yoga nidra refers to the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping—a state in which the body is completely relaxed and you can become aware of your inner consciousness on a deep, meditative level. This is an especially helpful meditation for those who may have bedtime anxiety or racing thoughts that interfere with getting a night of peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

New yogis, this one is for you! If you’re curious about how yoga can help deepen the connection between your mind and body, this is a great place to start. Instructor Lesley Fightmaster is careful to give plenty of disclaimers and modifications for parts of your body that may be sensitive.Beginner’s Yoga Flow for Energy by Fightmaster Yoga

After completing this easy-to-follow video, you’ll have learned a few foundational yoga poses and gained some introductory knowledge of the mental and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga.
This 200 yoga teacher training course in nepal will provide a feasible approach to understand the basic fundament of the vast treasure of yogic knowledge. We slowly guide the students towards meditation and spiritual growth. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course has a focus on self-transformation. We teach the healing application of ancient Yogic science from a traditional perspective. You will learn to activate your self-healing capacities.

Split Your 200 hour yoga teacher training

We offer the opportunity to split a complete Yoga Teacher Training of 200 hour yoga teacher training into tailored modules. Especially for working people who can only take off from work for a limited amount of time. You can split the training in weekly modules and accomplish according to the time you have available.

Nepal Yoga Teacher Training Center

Our 200 hour yoga educator preparing is an astute instructing techniques that intend to outfit the understudy with compelling relational abilities alongside conventional Yogic astuteness and top to bottom learning. This Nepal Yoga Retreat Yoga educator instructional class aides and helps the understudies to end up independent in understanding and getting a handle on their own potential and instructing others to do likewise, guaranteeing self-awareness through self-investigation.

The understudies will figure out how to configuration redid Asana groupings for explicit requirements, thinking about various life conditions. The understudies get a firm establishment in all parts of Yoga, in a steady and amicable environment,that sets them up to wind up sure and fruitful Yoga educators, equipped for tutoring understudies in various settings.

Rationality of Yoga

Yoga Asanas

Yoga Anatomy



Yoga Nidra



Nothing Yoga

Showing Methodology and Guidance

Vedic Rituals

ADDRESS: The lakeside retreat, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

The lakeside retreat, पोखरा 33700

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