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Details der Veranstaltung

Yoga Body Buddha Mind

Zeit: 16. April 2010 beginnend um 18:00 bis 18. April 2010 um 19:00
Standort: Moveo Berlin
Straße: Am Tempelhofer berg 7d
Stadt/Ort/Land: Berlin Kreuzberg
Website oder Karte:
Veranstaltungs-Typ: fortbildung, seminar, workshop
Organisiert von: Detlev Alexander
Letzte Aktivität: 21. Jan 2010

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Beschreibung der Veranstaltung

Workshop Cyndi Lee in Berlin 2010:

"Yoga Body Buddha Mind"
Freitag 16. - Sonntag 18. April 2010 im MOVEO
Mit Cyndi Lee und David Nichtern

Explore how the mutual support of hatha yoga and Buddhist meditation help us bring our bodies and minds into balance. Each session will begin with mindfulness meditation instruction and practice, followed by asana practice in which the spaciousness as well as the challenges of yoga provide an ideal opportunity to apply the Buddhist meditation techniques of watching our mind, recognizing our habits and opening our hearts. Our investigation will look at how we can begin to integrate these practices, letting them inform each other as well as the rest of our daily lives.

Freitag 18-21 h
Samstag 10-13 h, 15-18 h
Sonntag 10-13 h
Preis: 195,00 € (Alle Workshops) 60,00 € (Einzeln)

"Mysteries of the Vinyasa Revealed"
mit Cyndi Lee
(For teachers)

2.5 hours for experienced yogis or teachers who are curious about the details and connections of the practice.

OM yoga is an invitation to wake up to "in between" moments just as much as the stillness of each asana. How we get from one place to another, what initiates an action, what is the intention behind it and what are the results of our actions – these are path investigations for yogis which reveal the inner aspect of vinyasa and help us understand the connectivity of all things.

Sonntag, 18. April
16:00 - 18:30 h
Preis: 65 €

Cyndi Lee is the founder of OM yoga. A practitioner of both yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, Cyndi regularly writes for Yoga Journal and the Shambhala Sun and is the author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind; OM yoga A Guide to Daily Practice; OM yoga in a box, and OM yoga and meditation DVD/CD. Cyndi is a student of Gelek Rimpoche. Her dynamic and contemplative classes, workshops and trainings offer a non-competitive, no-baloney, fun and inspiring method for learning and practicing yoga and meditation.



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