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Details der Veranstaltung

Workshop-Days @ PURE! 3.-5. Juni 2011

Zeit: 3. Juni 2011 beginnend um 18:00 bis 5. Juni 2011 um 15:00
Standort: Heidelberg
Straße: Plöck 85
Stadt/Ort/Land: Deutschland
Website oder Karte: http://www.pilatesundpoweryog…
Telefon: 062215880345
Veranstaltungs-Typ: workshop, fortbildung, yoga, vinyasa
Organisiert von: PURE Pilates & Power Yoga
Letzte Aktivität: 12. Apr 2011

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Beschreibung der Veranstaltung

Ganzes Wochenende - €115, "Early Bird Discount" bis zum 17.05.2011 - €105 Friday, jede Klasse / Workshop sind auch einzeln buchbar;
Freitag, 18.00-20.00 Uhr, Mandala Vinyasa Yoga Class, with Live Music! - €25 Mayra will start our weekend off a fun practice where sequences are performed in a circular, fluid form, lubricating and strengthening every joint. Pulsing motions within postures are a distinguishing factor in MANDALA; they help to increase the intensity of the physical posture, as well as to achieve an optimal muscular tone. Performing a circular yoga practice on your mat helps break through our world of concepts and rules as well as detoxify the organism through sweat and massage. This practice is geared towards yogis with some previous yoga experience, so a regular vinyasa or ashtanga practice is recommended.
Samstag, 11.00-13:30 Uhr, Workshop: Learning to Fly! - €35 This lighthearted workshop will be asana intensive and is geared towards both beginners of arms balances and full grown flyers. With Mayra, we will explore the foundations of arm balancing, the technicalities of leaving the ground on our hands and increase our understanding of how to transition with steadiness and ease into and out of a variety of asanas, jump throughs and jump backs. In order to do this we'll be bringing together the elements of mula bandha, uddiyana bandha, drishti and breathing. Beginners will learn how to approach these poses and advanced practitioners will learn new entries and possiblities. Come with any questions and leave with a refreshed spirit and a richer understanding of your vinyasa yoga practice. Learn to fly, balance, and create magic in the air and on the ground!
Samstag, 16.00-18.00 Uhr, Power Vinyasa Yoga Class with "Fly" principles - €25 Enjoy a playful vinyasa yoga class led by Mayra which will incorporate the "FLY" techniques taught in the morning workshop. Using mindful breathing in each pose and transition, students will be encouraged to cultivate a greater awareness of their own bodies and to play with their own edge as variations and modifications are offered for yogis of all levels. Striking a balance between strength and surrender, this yoga class will offer a great combination of fire-building standing sequences as well as calming seated poses to work on improving not only your yoga practice from a physical perspective but also to create a deeper connection between the mind and body from a place of inner peace and compassion. Attendance at the morning workshop not required to participate in this class.
Sonntag, 12:00-15.00 Uhr, Rocket Yoga Introduction Workshop - €40 Mayra will introduce us to the internationally acclaimed Rocket Yoga: an exciting series of poses drawn from Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to renew energy and vitality throughout the body. Created by Mayra's teacher, the late, Larry Schultz, this vibrant routine is called the "Rocket" because "it gets you there faster." Previous experience with the Ashtanga Yoga sequence is recommended for this workshop.
Die Bezahlung erfolgt entweder per Überweisung an das Konto -> Laurie Hogie, Kto.: 46112105, BLZ.:67290000, Verwendungszweck: Cadengo Workshop-Days (+jeweiligem Workshop oder volles WE) oder direkt im Studio.
Wir freuen uns über zahlreiche Anmeldungen und auf ein tolles Wochenende mit Mayra!



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