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Free Webinar about Mantras, Siddhis & Spiritual Experiences

Details der Veranstaltung

Free Webinar about Mantras, Siddhis & Spiritual Experiences

Zeit: 2. Mai 2019 von 19:00 bis 20:00
Standort: Online
Straße: Schönbüchstr. 24
Stadt/Ort/Land: 77887 Sasbachwalden
Website oder Karte:…
Telefon: +4978418392411
Veranstaltungs-Typ: webinare
Organisiert von: Bharati
Letzte Aktivität: 10. Apr 2019

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Beschreibung der Veranstaltung

In this free Webinar, the deepest wisdom of my years of experience in India has been condensed, in order to offer you knowledge and practical techniques to change your life. It is a unique opportunity to take your spiritual life to the next level.

Life is an adventure of searching for the Real, the Infinite, the Absolute. India represents this initiatory pilgrimage to the deep. More than anywhere else, thousands of people of all times have focused their hope to answer their existential questions in this incredible country.

More than any other destination, India recalls this concern; a mixture of passion, adventure and deep nostalgia for the incomprehensible. It is, precisely, its diversity and its unusual devotion to life in terms of reality which causes a resounding call to the deep.

The essential nature of every being is truth, integrity and well-being, so the source of misery is based on the abandonment of our essential nature. The Hindu discipline teaches us that we should lead our mind towards the own natural essence of our being because only in this way it is possible to know full happiness.

Among the topics that we will discuss, we will talk about the mantras, their importance, origin and practical use. Mantras are words, phrases or syllables with a high spiritual vibration that are used to focus in meditation.

All the elements and energies in the cosmos can be influenced and guided by powerfull mantras; by this, it is considered that a mantra is the best help in the awakening of the dormant consciousness.

And not only that, but all the secrets about Riddhis and Siddhis will be revealed, those yogic powers that have been enveloped by an allo of mysticism since the dawn of time.
If you want to know firsthand how to develop and understand these supreme qualities, you should not miss this opportunity.

A Riddhi and Siddhi is a gift of divine nature that brings divine gifts and blessings. Certain special and superhuman powers can develope, abilities obtainable. These powers are a consequence as you gradually advance in the path of spiritual perfection and evolution.

Take advantage of this unique free Webinar, and benefit from it. It will fill your spiritual path of meaning and content. Numerous secrets, experiences and deep Vedic knowledge will be shared in a genuine way for you.

The webinars are recorded on video, so that every participant can watch the webinar afterwards and nobody misses anything.



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