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Deepening in Practice: the Yoga of Awareness with Neera Scott

Details der Veranstaltung

Deepening in Practice: the Yoga of Awareness with Neera Scott

Zeit: 8. Mai 2009 beginnend um 19:00 bis 9. Mai 2009 um 17:00
Standort: 64625 Bensheim
Straße: Nibelungenstr. 31
Website oder Karte:
Telefon: 06251-669849
Veranstaltungs-Typ: workshop
Organisiert von: Yvonne El-Rikabi / Sabine Hehn
Letzte Aktivität: 26. Apr 2009

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Beschreibung der Veranstaltung

Deepening in Practice: the Yoga of Awareness

When we first start out on the yoga journey our experience will tend to yield gross sensations – we become aware of inflexibility, or weakness, lack of endurance, a busy, sabotaging mind.

As we learn to listen not to these triggers but to stay present and connected with the breath, we deepen in the practise. Many things start to shift – the sensations of pain give way to a more intuitive ‘moving into’. Effort eventually gives way to effortlessness.

We also become aware of an ability to harness our internal energy – the ‘fire’ (tapas) to move into stronger asana practise. This tapas also allows us to sit still in meditation while the mind tries to divert us or the body complains of discomfort.

Then the subtle benefits of the practise start to shine through. Sitting in silence before or after Savasana reveals finer and finer levels of awareness.

As we gain emotional and mental clarity – we begin to identify the state of clear perception and appreciate its value. We learn that we can consciously engage with this process. We learn to react less and to begin to accept responsibility for our selves and our own lives.

These results ‘free us up’ from a great deal of conditioning, and lead us to the next stage: the spiritual enquiry – what is this peace that yoga brings? What is this practise? And ultimately, Who am I? What is my true nature?

What is happening through this process?

The yoga sutras state, and enquiry reveals, that all manifestation (matter) exists in 3 forms or gunas: tamas (inertia, dullness), rajas (movement, restlessness) and sattva (clarity, purity). One’s real nature of course is beyond the gunas (nirguna. However, our only way to realise our true nature is via the state of sattva, as this quality is clear.

Yoga practise is simply the refinement of the gunas – with an aim to elevate sattva. Through this we can observe the entire play of phenomena that is manifestation, or consciousness. When unexamined, this play is normally identified with, and personalised as ‘I’ and ‘mine’.

We first experience this refinement on a physical level by becoming aware of our imbalances. We begin a long process of re-aligning the body and integrating a healthier posture. This has effects on the mental and emotional level, and vice versa. If we are feeling sad, we notice our posture is affected. If we are angry, we notice we do not breathe fully. If we are feeling alert and stimulated, it’s easier to focus on the finer points of our practise.

We will observe the process of these changes in this workshop by deeply connecting with the energetic and physical centre of our practise; and observing what it means to ‘move from within’.



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