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8 day yoga retreat

Zeit: 1. Februar 2020 beginnend um 6:00 bis 30. März 2020 um 19:00
Standort: Danda Challi, Near Pant Nagar University Hill Campus, Ranichauri, Chamba, Uttarakhand
Stadt/Ort/Land: India
Website oder Karte:
Telefon: 9997306041
Veranstaltungs-Typ: yoga, retreat
Organisiert von: Pahadi House
Letzte Aktivität: 27. Jan 2020

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Given a decision to stretch your arms and float in the atmosphere, will you say that a NO? Or letting the wind kiss your lips, perform with your own hair, will you extend as a result? Pahadi home gives you lifetime expertise to "be yourself" Ayurveda retreat Himalaya. Away from the "occupied" and also "hectic" life program, investing moments in the lap of our mother earth, you immediately associate with your soul yoga retreat center in Himalaya. You wake to witness God's most amazing creation all around by glancing out by the window of your chamber.

Wellness, Yoga & Ayurveda

* Yoga

 * Meditation

 * Panchakarma

Adventure & Leisure Actions 

* Water Sports

 * Day Trek

 * River expeditions

Himalayan community tradition 

* Local lifestyle

 * Natural and Organic Farming

 * Village excursions

 * The owners, two younger men hailing from Uttarakhand, experienced put all they had into the rafting enterprise. The flooding may have crushed their company; however, their unflinching will to achieve success against all the likelihood grew even more powerful yoga retreat near me in Himalaya . Together, they developed the notion of why Pahadi residence - a green home-stay that's become a torch-bearer for promoting rural tourism in Uttarakhand.



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