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Louise Franklin
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Iyengar Yoga, Hatta Yoga
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Pranayama, Surya Namaskar
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I am professional blogger and I like to go outside for exercise and want to show people, you can also make healthy fitness like me by routine exercise…
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Bayern, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Ich bin Single, Ich lebe in einer spirituellen Gemeinschaft, Geht Euch gar nichts an! ;-)
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Only an Artist can interpret the meaning of life.
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Freunde, Ashram, spirituelle Gemeinschaft
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10 Signs you would like a yoga retreat

Gepostet am 17. März 2018 um 6:04am 0 Kommentare

A full ninety p.c of all doctor visits square measure associated with stress. Since yoga teacher training in India itself is supposed to be therapeutic, we'd like it currently quite ever. It works on our behalf to profit us physically, showing emotion and mentally. Essentially, healing will solely happen once we square measure relaxed.…


Why me - time and meditation isn’t a self-loving Act

Gepostet am 7. März 2018 um 12:09pm 0 Kommentare

When it involves Yoga teacher training in India, meditation and even me-time generally, square measure able to generally worry we tend to are being a bit self-loving. Dedicating time to our own well-being will feel excessively indulgent, And there’s even a crawling suggestion self-care is small quite an excuse for preoccupation. Dr Alison grey, of the Royal faculty of…


How Yoga Improves Back Pain

Gepostet am 23. Februar 2018 um 7:06am 0 Kommentare

It’s calculable that roughly eightieth of individuals can expertise some form of serious back pain in their life. The world’s population is around seven billion folks. thus statistically speaking, five billion folks can encounter vital back pain. That’s AN atrociously high variety for a retardant that's usually curable and preventable. sadly, folks ar unaware of a way to stop back pain, and the way to handle it once it arises. analysis more and more confirms…



Gepostet am 30. Januar 2018 um 6:44am 0 Kommentare

For most folks, the image of a snake can elicit robust feelings. whether or not or not it's disgust or concern, fascination or adoration, snakes build us feel things. If we tend to were to encounter a slipping creature on our path, it might stop most folks in our tracks. we'd take it in, maybe deepen our breath, and slim our focus. we would feel anticipation or maybe dread, however we'd abate before moving forward. In…



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